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Civil Unions in Colorado


At 12:01 a.m. MDT, the Mayor of Denver and a representative of the House of Representatives presided over a moral rebellion in Colorado. Civil unions of same-sex couples became a legal right in Colorado. The mood was celebratory, even on the evening news just hours before the “historic” day in our state.  In 2006, Colorado voters passed an Amendment barring same-sex marriages. That may have served as a catalyst for a very strategic political and social plan that brought Colorado to this “historic” day.

As we watched the evening news, I was struck by the euphoria, not of the couples celebrating in the few hours before midnight, but from the news anchors. They could barely contain their joy over this history making moment.

I have to admit that I awoke with a feeling of sadness as my first thoughts turned to what I imagined were the events overnight. The mayor and a Congressional Representative were part of the officiating team presiding over the unions. At breakfast, my wife said that it was ironic that the enactment of this law would take place at 12:01 a.m. – under the cover of darkness.

Those who celebrated civil unions have been carefully planning this day but carelessly tipped their hands. The careful planning has been going on for years now. The argument for same-sex marriage has been couched in civil rights language. Same-sex unions is no longer a moral discussion; now “its about love and commitment, basic human dignity and about being able to protect your families” according to Sen. Mark Udall. The moral issues of sodomy have been virtually erased from the conversation. Civil unions have advanced on the back of the argument that Americans were being denied basic civil rights; in this case the right to be together in (at least) a civil union. The change in language has normalized the homosexual and lesbian relationship with stunning speed and success.

But supporters interviewed by the morning team of 850 KOA have tipped their hands and showed us the next step in the same-sex agenda: full acceptance with legal marriages. One of the interviewees, a minister from Boulder, kept “slipping” by calling what she officiated last night a “marriage.” Then she knowingly demurred and with a verbal wink of the eye said something like “Of course we can’t call it marriage, but that’s what it is!” The future is here. In fact, on Sen. Udall’s web page blog there is a tab you can click on to “Support Marriage Equality.” Denver’s Mayor Hancock said at the ceremony, “We will not stop until our state residents … have full marriage equality under the law.” Then he received a standing ovation from the crowd.

That’s what it is. A rose by any other name would smell . . .

How should a Christian think in the swirl of a culture’s moral rebellion? It’s not easy. I find myself alternately angry, pessimistic and thrilled at the opportunity for a bright clear message of moral distinctions.

I was helped by one Christian theologian writing about the terrible days of apostasy in Israel under the reign of Ahab’s spiritual terror in 1 Kings 17. At that time, the corrupt Baal, god of all things fertile, rose to ascendency over the spiritual lives of the people of Israel. If you don’t know much about Baal worship, just think orgies. Sexual sin was rampant – all in the name of spirituality and protecting families from famine. It was a time of crisis, just as our own nation now. Here’s what Ronald Wallace wrote when Elijah appeared on the scene, almost out of nowhere to challenge the spiritual adultery of the king and people:

 For to see him [Elijah] appear [so suddenly] reminds us that we need not despair when we see great movements of evil achieving spectacular success on this earth, for we may be sure that God, in unexpected places, has already secretly prepared His counter-movement. God has always His ways of working underground to undermine the stability of evil. God can raise men for His service from nowhere . . . Therefore the situation is never hopeless where God is concerned. Whenever evil flourishes, it is always a superficial flourish, for at the height of the triumph of evil god will be three, ready with His man and His movement and His plans to ensure that His own cause will never fail.

 Our culture is pumping raw paganism into the nation and it looks like corruption will win the day. Then God sends Elijah who has words with Ahab. As the writer asked, “Doesn’t it put iron in your bones and steel in your guts to see that, whatever threat arises, with [God] the defense is always ready?”

Praying with you for the pastor in your church’s pulpit to have steel in his guts,



The Smiler with the Knife under the Cloak

Just as I posted the last blog, I found that Carl Trueman posted a link to a blog by Hunter Baker. I take it that Ms. Baker is not the “sister” in the blog, but the “messenger.” Trueman’s blog was brief: “The real problem with shifting the church’s position on homosexuality is ultimately this: it looks kind but it embodies cruelty of the worst and most perilous sort.   Do not take my word for it; read this . . .”

Carl Trueman on the loss of the “Yuck Factor”

If you have wondered why the rush to same-sex marriage is advancing with such acceptance, Carl Trueman has an interesting take on the matter.

The Yuck Factor

The yuck factor is a significant and deadly element of Christian thinking.
Take, for example, the various denominations currently tearing apart over the issue of homosexuality and gay marriage.  Many, if not all, such denominations have routinely allowed men, and often women, who deny the resurrection, to occupy pulpits for many years with impunity.  Denial of the resurrection is, according to Paul, lethal to any kind of gospel witness and utterly destructive of Christian hope, to the point that it not only denies the saving action of God but actually makes Christians the most pitiable of all people.
So why the bust up over homosexuality when the most important things have already been made matters over which we can institutionally agree to differ?   I suspect the answer is the yuck factor.  Homosexuality is, or perhaps better was, revolting to a certain generation. It disgusted them in a way that polite, educated men denying the faith did not. That generation is now rapidly passing away and a new one is rising, with a mindset shaped not only by knowing kind, civil, gay friends but also by  a myriad pop culture images and an increasingly aggressive politicization of the issue.  The yuck factor does not apply any more.
Only now, with the yuck factor vanishing for many, is it becoming clear that the logic of gay marriage was set years ago and was generally accepted by the church in practice if not always in theory.  In the wider world, the transformation of marriage into an inward-directed bond, focused on personal satisfaction — sexual, emotional, financial — was the key move, ably assisted by the separation of sexual activity from the deeper soil of marriage, a message preached by just about every sitcom and soap opera made in the last twenty five years.  Sex ceased to be the crowning seal on the marriage covenant and became something recreational, an end in itself or, even for many Christians, the purpose of marriage.  The establishment of no-fault divorce was the legal recognition of this and redefined marriage in a far more fundamental way than any future applications or revisions of the law are likely to do.  And when Pat Robertson told people they could divorce their incapacitated and senile spouses, he was operating with a fundamentally redefined notion of marriage as unbiblical, if not blasphemous (Eph. 5!) as anything you will ever hear.
The church accepted, by and large, the logic of no fault divorce.  At least, nobody seemed to think that it was quite the apocalyptic moment presented by gay marriage.  Why?  My guess is that there was simply no real yuck factor involved.  And if two people who had ‘fallen out of love’ (whatever that means) wanted to go back and start all over again, that seemed not ‘yucky’ but an aesthetically pleasing outcome in a world ruled by sentiment and truncated notions of personal satisfaction.
The yuck factor – or lack of it – serves to cloud our thinking on too many issues.
The argument for gay marriage proceeds on the basis of a logic which society, and sadly many churches, accepted long ago.   Do not fret about when marriage will be redefined.  It was.  Quite some time back.
Posted March 18, 2013 @  8:56 AM by Carl Trueman.