The Decrees of kings and The King

Politics. Political parties. News cycles. I’m a news junkie, but sometimes . . .

It seems like our elected officials believe their reason for being there is to investigate the “other guys” who are there and shouldn’t be, in their humble defense of the Constitution.

Glad to read how God works behind the scenes of people in power. Ezra 6 gives us a glimpse of God’s awesome power and sovereign grace on the move. Here are ten snapshots from the chapter to calm the overly-politically-concerned person.

  1. When resistance to God’s work arises, he uses even pagan (i.e., secular) governments to show favor to his people (vv. 1-12).
  2. God is always at work, behind the scenes, aiding and assisting his people so we can do what is required, namely worship him wholeheartedly (v. 14b)
  3. God’s leaders are the means he uses to influence his people to persevere in serving the kingdom.
  4. With God, failure is never permanent for repentant and faithful believers. Renewed strength to persevere is available.
  5. Joy isn’t self-manufactured; it comes from knowing God (v. 22)
  6. God’s powerful grace turns hearts toward his cause. He can turn an unfavorable government favorable toward his people (v. 22; Prov 21:1). Point in case, he just moved a community organizer to use city funds to paint a large portion of our church!
  7. God provides everything necessary to be his people in our community. If it’s a building he provides; if its things necessary for worship, he provides; if its possessions that have been stolen, he returns them no devil in hell or evil person on earth can withhold forever what God wants for his church . . . or your family (vv. 6-18).
  8. God decrees that the Church prays and work for the welfare and righteous leadership of the city, state, nation so that these authorities rule well and so the church can peaceably advance the mission of the gospel of Christ (v. 10b).
  9. To join Christ is to join the people of God and to separate one’s self from the corruptions of the world (v. 21) The community of saints band together to grow in holiness and fight the sins of the flesh. No drifting into holiness. No holiness apart from the assistance of brothers and sisters in Christ.
  10. Be amazed at how God works. He works his will where he wants, through whom he wants, when he wants, his timing and ways are always perfect. God works for his cause and his people; it is his love in action.

So now, we can watch the evening news and sleep well!


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