‘Tis Wonderful to Me

When you read through the Gospel of John the next time, stop and reflect on the scene at the cross. In that painful, lonely, abandoned moment, the Son of God, is drinking deeply the cup of God’s wrath against our sin. Who can possibly imagine the hellish torment that Jesus suffered? It seems that words to describe that event might even be presumptuous.

Then pause for a moment longer to meditate on the brief scene between Jesus and the few who are present with him in his death. His mother is there with her sister, grieving as they watch Jesus die. Mary Magdalene is there and John — what might they be thinking? Probably about their loss; their grief; their empty futures.

In the middle of this cosmic battle for the redemption of souls, Jesus finds the strength to care for his mother’s future circumstances. He knows that the world is about to be flooded with mercy and the eternal destinies of millions of millions weighs on Jesus’ mind and shoulders. Yet, he finds the need of his mother and her friends too important to overlook.

In a commentary by Bruce Milne, a former pastor, was included this poem by Amy Carmichael (1867-1951), missionary to India, who might very well have lingered at this scene when she penned these words:

Lord of the brooding blue

Of pleasant summer skies,

Lord of each little bird that through

The clear air flies,

‘Tis wonderful to me

That I am loved by Thee.


Lord of the blinding heat,

Of mighty wind and rain,

The city’s crowded street,

Desert and peopled plain,

‘Tis wonderful to me

That I am loved by Thee.


Lord of night’s jeweled roof,

Day’s various tapestry,

Lord of the warp and woof

Of all that yet shall be,

‘Tis wonderful to me

That I am loved by Thee. 


Lord of my merry cheers,

My grey that turns to gold,

And my most private tears

And comforts manifold,

‘Tis wonderful to me

That I am loved by Thee.

As Milne points out, at the supreme moment of all history, Jesus revealed the heart of his Father in very personal ways.

Be of good cheer! ‘Tis wonderful news that he loves you!



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