Do You Need a Prayer App?

image-5I love preaching — hearing it and doing it. Opening God’s Word to his people is a blessing in every church where that ministry is faithfully executed. I can’t imagine doing any other thing. But there is one thing that would make all preaching so much more fruitful for the hearers — Prayer! Ed Welch, whose blogs are becoming a favorite wrote this:

“Biblical counseling, including my own counseling, can be guilty of this. My own life can be guilty of this. It can look good on the surface: I really am trying to think biblically about the daily struggles of life. But, in fact, my system is less than biblical; I live as though God’s job is to give me a relevant principle and then off I go to figure things out. I need less analyzing and more praying! Perhaps an app that gives me a mild shock every half hour would useful. It would remind me to talk through my thoughts, fears and questions with the Lord. In other words: it would remind me to pray.”

I loved reading the “messy” prayers Welch recorded. They sound like genuine pleas for help from the throne of grace (Heb 4:16).

Read the whole article here:


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