Jesus sent Larry

Jesus sent Larry

Jesus sent Larry

Meet Larry. He was sent by the Lord to help us. We got two blow outs on Hwy 70 just outside Topeka, KS. A guy drove up next to us frantically waving and pointing to the camper. So, Nita (driving at the time), pulled over so that we could find out what was wrong. I hoped out to find one very shredded tire. We weren’t far from an exit — with no facilities. Pulled off. Parked. And discovered a second shredded tire.

Nita stayed in the camper while Abi and I went looking for help. We saw a highway emergency number on the way to the next exit. Abi called but they told us they couldn’t help us because we were off the highway. Abi’s apps included a tire store just off the highway. We made some arrangements to purchase new tires (4 of them. Taking no chances). But I had to go back to the camper, remove the shredded tires and bring them to the tire store for new remounts.

When we got back to the camper, Larry was there. Larry is a KS-DOT highway helper. He saw us and came to the camper just in time. He had all the right equipment for changing shredded tires. Got the shredded ones off, went to the tire store for new ones. Larry told us to call the emergency folks and ask them to notify him to be dispatched back to us so that he could put the new tires on.

While Abi and I were gone on the first trip to find the tire store, Nita sat in a cold camper leaning to one side with Liza. She read and prayed for help. She read from Psalm 119, “Let your hand be ready to help me, for I have chosen your precepts” (v. 173).

Since I am notoriously inept at all things mechanical, electrical, or any other “ical,” we needed help. We concluded that God sent Larry to help.


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