Newtown, CT


Someone has said that when a child dies it is like putting a period in the middle of a sentence. There is something out of balance. When the world is “right-side-up,” children watch their parents die. However, the world is not the way it is supposed to be: it is filled with the evils of sin. I thought to write something about the mass murders in Newtown, CT this morning hoping that God would nudge me to something, if not profound at least helpful. I watched as various experts from police departments, psychologists, forensics experts, pastors and priests offered their comments from the perspective of their walks of life.

The Newtown church’s Catholic Monsignor did make some sense. If I heard him right, he said he had not lost his faith in God because he never put his faith in humanity. This bit of wisdom is biblical (Ps 118:8) and is where Christians can start to process once again a horrible evil that has befallen a community and especially the kindergarteners and their families.

All the usual arguments will be debated in the weeks ahead. Political ones about gun control; legal and medical ones about mentally deficient people and religious ones about God’s role in this sad event. Like you, as I watched, I thought. I thought about Romans 1 and the knowledge of God evident in creation and Romans 2 about the knowledge of God in the human conscience. I thought about the dangerous fruit of the suppression of that knowledge erupting in such an evil way in Newtown. I thought about God’s grace that more Columbines, movie theatre and Newtown shootings don’t happen. If the human heart cannot be broken over these deaths and cry out to God for mercy, what would it take? Great and horrific events have taken place in every generation, yet stubbornly, and for Christians sadly, the human heart refuses to turn to the Savior who has won the battle against evil, sin and death. We must reckon with the truth from Jeremiah that the human heart is desperately sick (i.e., wicked); who can know it? (17:9). But God has the remedy.

Dr. Albert Mohler has a blog worth reading that will help Christians give a solid biblical answer to the Newtown events or any event or no event. It shows us the way we should think as soberminded and serious people about the great questions of life. You can find the article, “Rachel Weeping for her Children — The Massacre in Connecticut” here:



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