Hello to the blogosphere world!

Yesterday the staff had lunch with the Season’s ladies. They dined us with shrimp creole, lots of chocolate and fun conversation. I wanted you to know this because they were so kind to treat us royally and then added an interesting comment about the upcoming sabbatical for me and Nita. They believe that God will refresh us and show us things that we had no way of anticipating. That was more “food” for my soul! That’s exactly the reason for a sabbatical — getting to know more of God, more of his grace, more of his character, more of him.

So, this initial blog, as haphazard as it is to get us started, is a way of thanking the Seasons ladies for a sweet send-off. There will be more to follow on this journey. Nita and I want to keep you updated with the latest grandkids stories, pix, friends we’ll meet, and some of the important things God might show us of himself that will be (I hope) worth reading about.

Keep in touch and when you can join the conversation!



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